Saturday, March 11, 2023

The Wheel of Names


1. I'm grateful to have a warm trailer to write this in.
2. I'm grateful that my reading speed has increased.
3. I'm grateful to have a table for art.
4. I'm grateful for peace and joy in my life.
5. I'm grateful for my Bible study.
Plan for the day:
1. Bible study - currently reading Psalms, Numbers, Luke.
2. Use the Wheel of Names to decide what to do next.
3. Read books - as usual.
4. Respond to the shed salesman.
5. Call R. about solar panels I bought.
Some of what I'm currently reading:
1. Adventuring Through the Bible, by Ray Stedman
2. Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder
3. Life Along the Applegate Trail, by Linda Lochard
4. Ireland, by Frank Delaney
5. Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert
6. The Bible From 30,000 Feet, by Skip Heitzig

Here's how my day is going: 

It is still morning, not quite 11 am. I haven't written in this blog for a while and my attention was drawn to it. No time like the present to refresh my efforts here. This is my oldest blog and I like that it is still online after all these years.

The Wheel of Names - I'd like to give a brief explanation. Sometimes I need help deciding what to do. I keep a list of things to do on Notepad (that app that comes with Windows on my laptop) and I transfer that list to the Wheel of Names each morning. 

Here's my current list (and of course this changes depending on what I'm reading or what I need to do).

Bible From 30,000 Feet
DMV Paperwork
Applegate Trail
Housekeeping Ten Minutes
Mu Studies
Adventuring Through the Bible
Power of Praying for Your Adult Children
Cloud of Unknowing
Farmer Boy
Madame Bovary

So, with my list in place, I spin the wheel, and then do what it says. This helps me get done some of those things I don't really want to do. Every day is different as the order of my activities is randomly chosen by the wheel. It helps break up the monotony of being at home alone all the time.

On that website, check out the gallery to see how other people have used the wheel.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Wish art came up more often on your Wheel! Seems like it was more often last summer than this winter, Grateful & look forward to your art!
    I'll have to do something like the wheel. There are so many things on my To Do list!! Going from one to the other makes it feel ike nothing has been accomplished! Have a couple of same books to read...but they've been waiting awhile!