Monday, December 05, 2022

1. I'm grateful I'm not outside in the snow.
2. I'm grateful that I still have room for my art.
3. I'm grateful that my water is still running.
4. I'm grateful that today has come at last.
5. I'm grateful for the heater keeping me warm.

Plan for the day:
1. Bible study: Exodus 1-4.
2. Continue h/h inventory pre-fire.
3. Read another chapter in the brown book.
4. Start reading the red book.
5. Make major progress on the Kindle book.

Currently reading:
1. Exodus
2. The Shelf Life of Ashes
3. Through the Gates of Splendor
4. Confrontations
5. Me Before You

Here's how my day is going:

It is still early. I realize I haven't written much in this blog lately. Never fear, I'm still here. So far.

The weather has turned ominous. I'm not a big fan of snow anymore. It used to be fun, but now I just think about the drawbacks, like having to rake snow off the top of my van, which is high-top and hard to reach. 

I've been feeling a lot of frustration lately. Mainly it is the house application process, and the video channel. I added two videos to my Booktube channel in the last month. Now I'm wondering how to change the channel to make it unique. I don't like being just like everyone else.

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Elections, Bible Study, Rejection

1. I'm grateful that the election is over now.
2. I'm grateful that I'm not focusing my life on politics.
3. I'm grateful that life goes on, for now.
4. I'm grateful to have already ordered Christmas gifts.
5. I'm grateful to be in a warm place on a cold day.
Plan for the day:
1. Complete paperwork.
2. Finish reading that red book.
3. Find a different "famous person" book to read.
4. Bring planner up to date.
5. Do something artistic.
Currently reading:
1. Amazing Grace, by Eric Metaxas
2. The Screwtape Letters, by CS Lewis
3. The Moon Spinners, by Mary Stewart
4. Adventuring Through the Bible, by Ray Stedman
5. The Bible from 30,000 Feet, by Skip Heitzig
6. Crazy Love, by Francis Chan

Here's how my day is going:

I'm so tired of hearing about the election issues... and at the same time, distressed that we don't have definite results yet. I want it to be over with. Enough already. 

I started a Bible study group at Goodreads and nobody signed on, except me. I feel like deleting it. Story of my life - I am frequently rejected and react badly to it. I'd rather just do it myself anyway. It is such a personal thing.

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Sunday Church Thoughts


1. I'm grateful to be able to watch church services online.
2. I'm grateful to be in a warm trailer on this cold day.
3. I'm grateful my trailer furnace still works.
4. I'm grateful that I have hope for the future.
5. I'm grateful that I have a warm cup of coffee here.
Plan for the day:
1. Watch a sermon on YouTube (Calvary Chapel NM).
2. Fill out that form.
3. Paint something.
4. Read more in my books.
5. Cook all the carrots.
Currently reading:
1. Crazy Love, by Francis Chan
2. Amazing Grace, by Eric Metaxas
3. The Moon Spinners by Mary Stewart
4. The Screwtape Letters, by CS Lewis
5. The Bible at 30,000 Feet, by Skip Heitzig
6. Adventuring Through the Bible, by Ray Stedman

Here's how my day is going:

I like to wait until the sermon is over, then replay it on YouTube. That way if there something I don't understand I can stop the recording and back it up to re-listen.  I can't do that with a livestream.

I prefer to worship at home because I'm an introvert, I don't like being in crowds, there isn't a church in this tiny town that I really want to be in, and I'm having some physical problems that keep me from wanting to be out there. I've had plantar fasciitis all year long and so walking isn't something I can do a lot of without making it worse. The more I walk, the more likely it is that my foot will be in pain.

I'm so grateful we have the technology to be able to watch church services at home. I also have fellowship opportunities at home through online small groups and Bible studies, using Zoom or Facetime.

Saturday, November 05, 2022

General Update As We Get Into November


1. I'm grateful to have plenty of watercolor paints.
2. I'm grateful to have a new book/workbook nearby.
3. I'm grateful to be optimistic.
4. I'm grateful to have gardening plans.
5. I'm grateful to be on track this morning with priorities.
Plan for the day:
1. Bible Study first. Priorities!
2. Start reading The Bible at 30,000 Feet.
3. Get back to ink painting.
4. Finish laundry started yesterday.
5. Clean the kitchen.
Currently reading:
1. Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God, by Francis Chan
2. The Moonspinners, by Mary Stewart
3. The Screwtape Letters, by CS Lewis
4. Amazing Grace, by Eric Metaxas
5. The Bible at 30,000 Feet, by Skip Heitzig

Here's how my day is going:

I haven't heard from my youngest son in a while and it is wearing on me. Note: It has only been two weeks. Maybe I'm over-reacting. Right? I have older children I haven't heard for in months, and it doesn't bother me so much, but I'm used to hearing from Aaron. I love those phone calls!

I'm starting a new Bible study that will take at least a year, and probably much longer. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I know I have a problem with consistency, but I do have a study partner and I hope that will help keep me on track with this book. There's a workbook involved, and lots of questions to answer.

I'm starting to get a build-up of paperwork to take care of. This is frightful. I find it so difficult to do these things.

My Connect Group leader dropped out, for good reasons (God bless her abundantly) and so I'm starting a new Connect Group soon. The Connect Group is for church fellowship.

Twitter has become a new obsession for me, since Elon Musk took it over a few days ago. Right now we're about to have an election, two days from now. I'm hoping things will calm down after that. I can get into political bantering, but I'm resisting. That's not my primary reason for being on the platform. I don't like the politics because there are too many evil people out there who want to destroy those who don't think like they do. It is a crazy, polarized country we live in now. So sad. Good v. Evil, for sure. Here's my link:


Monday, October 24, 2022

Happy Rainy Day - Reading Under a Blanket


1. I'm grateful to be reading a book about generosity.
2. I'm grateful to have a warm trailer to sit in on a cold rainy day.
3. I'm grateful for God's presence and my awareness of His presence.
4. I'm grateful for the blessing of an art hobby.
5. I'm grateful for the internet that keeps me connected with others around the world.
Plan for the day:
1. Clear off the art studio table.
2. Let go of the past in the form of paper clutter.
3. Eat more Mediterranean Diet type foods.
4. Read my books. So important to me!
5. Dance, because... why not? It is good exercise!
Currently reading:
1. The book of Galatians, deep study.
2. How to Study Your Bible, by Kay Arthur, and others.
3. Holy Transformation, by Chip Ingram - last chapter!
4. Book of Romans Bible study workbook - chapter 13.
5. The Screwtape Letters, by CS Lewis - I'm starting chapter 5.
6. One Simple Act, by Debbie Macomber - chapter 3.

Here's how my day is going: I'm having a magical day. It rained out there, but I'm inside sitting in a comfortable chair, covered with a warm sweater and a cozy fuzzy peach colored blanket. I am so happy. I already did my Bible study this morning but also have some great Christian books to read throughout the day. I'm especially loving Debbie Macomber's nonfiction book on generosity, One Simple Act.

True confession: I've never read anything by Debbie Macomber before. I know she's a very popular author of books for women, but I've never been into reading the small paperbacks sold in supermarkets. So strange. I'm getting into reading Christian fiction as of this very year, and definitely have it in my heart and mind to read something by Debbie Macomber! Plus - she lives in the Pacific Northwest, so I feel a sense of sisterhood for that reason alone.

The art: Today's painting is a watercolor I created last Sunday (yesterday) while listening to Pastor Skip preach about Colossians 3:22. I am finding it to be a great blessing to paint during sermons as it helps me listen and focus on what the pastor is saying. At this point in my life (I'm 70 this year) I'm having a problem focusing, so I feel like I have to do something while listening. Crochet would be an option, but right now I'm using my watercolor travel kit. It has a very small paint box by Winsor-Newton, and I use a waterbrush so don't really have to deal with a jar of water while I sit here painting. I'm so glad this watercolor travel kit survived the 2020 forest fire that destroyed my home.

Friday, October 14, 2022

Inktober Artwork


1. I'm grateful I just got my Amazon account transferred from business to personal.
2. I'm grateful to be doing the Inktober ink paintings, and meeting a lot of artists on Instagram. My new art account there.
3. I'm grateful that I just ordered more acrylic inks to paint with. I love using this medium.
Plan for the day:
1. Relax. Read a book.
2. Finish washing a load of laundry and hang it up.
3. Maybe go to the store.
Currently reading:
1. The Ivy Tree, by Mary Stewart
2. Holy Transformation, by Chip Ingram
3. Still studying the book of Galatians in the Bible.

I just had a stressful experience at Amazon, trying to get my business account transferred back into a personal account. I got help from customer service. I thought all my order history had vanished, but it was restored. All is well.

I've been enjoying the Inktober prompt list. It sure makes me dig deep to do what I can to match the prompts. This picture I call "Ready to Sail" and it is for the prompt, "trip." I kept thinking "No trips without a tripper." So I painted a tripper and her boat. I researched traditional Norse clothing. The ladies wore long blouses with long skirts, like this. I would make that for myself. Great style. I painted that entirely with acrylic inks, except the blouse, which I tinted with coffee. I did that because I don't have any white acrylic ink yet, but I just ordered some. It is on the way.


Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Maybe Vanlife Was Never For Me


1. I am grateful for the energy to get some work done in my yard.
2. I am grateful for a good book to read.
3. I am grateful for my art-making space.
Plan for the day:
1. Get the cutting mat out of the cargo trailer.
2. Break down remaining boxes.
3. Get winter clothes out of the van.
Currently reading:
1. Holy Transformation, by Chip Ingram
2. The Ivy Tree, by Mary Stewart
3. Galatians study continues

Lovely day, but a little on the warm side after the morning chill wore off. It has been this way for a week or two now, ever since that last minor rain storm. 

I've had to realize something about myself, and this is rather hard for me to put in print. You see, I bought a nice van thinking I'd be living in it and traveling around the USA. That hasn't happened. I got sidetracked during my first few months when I visited HC and intended to keep going south to Arizona for the winter. However one morning the Lord spoke to me and told me to stay in HC for the winter... exactly what I didn't want to do because of the cold weather. I was really suffering from the climate.

During that winter someone offered me a nice property at a low price and I took it because I do like having my roots here. Shortly after I moved in the pandemic started and I was grateful to be in a remote mountain town while the world was in lock-down mode. I thought maybe the Lord knew this was coming and didn't want me to be part of it. I felt gratitude though it wasn't what I had intended for my life.

A few months later I woke up to the news that a fire had started at the top of a nearby ridge on a very windy September day. Before midnight my home would be engulfed in the flames. About 200 homes were burned here that day. Terrible! And everything since then has been fire recovery, which I'm still feeling locked into.

I have to admit that I like living in a travel trailer and that I never felt 100% comfortable living in the van. Part of that is that the van has never been properly converted into a camper. The other part is that I need an art studio and that was something entirely missing from my vanlife experience. I tried but was so unsuccessful in doing anything to fix this issue. 

At this point the van is in the hands of the Lord. His will be done. I can't afford to drive it with these ridiculously high West Coast gas prices of 5 to 6 dollars. I think that opportunity for travel has passed. Instead of grieving it, I'm happy I have a desk to make art at and a little piece of land to park on where I don't have to pay rent.

End of confession.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Goals and Intentions Don't Work as Well as Prayers to Our Loving, Guiding God


1. I'm grateful all my family members survived that fire.
2. I'm grateful I have a way to heat my travel trailer on this chilly morning.
3. I'm grateful I have transportation aside from just walking.
Plan for the day:
1. Spend time at my art desk.
2. Clean up my yard. Break down cardboard boxes.
3. Continue my study of Galatians.
Currently reading:
1. The Ivy Tree, by Mary Stewart (audiobook)
2. Holy Transformation, by Chip Ingram
3. Amazing Grace, by Eric Metaxas

Life's so strange. I can't plan ahead very well and have to take it day by day. When I plan ahead I find that I can't meet my goals and expectations, so I end up feeling guilty and frustrated by my inability to get things done. I've learned to trust God to get me there, meaning that if I pray for help things are more likely to get done than if I set myself a goal. For some reason I resist my own goals. I think instead of making goal lists I'll make lists of things I've prayed about.

Expect the unexpected. When I look at that painting today I see the fire that burned my home, and see that nothing prepared me for that. It was an ordinary day until I heard about the fire that started near my daughter's home. Then she and her husband were in my front yard, and things proceeded from there. While their home was burning they were helping me get things moved out of my home and into my van. Anything else I thought I might have done that day was forgotten. It all came to the necessity of surviving a fire with as much stuff as possible, then driving out of town because we were evacuated. Forget anything else you might have planned.

Forget plans. Somehow they just don't work for me. I need to pray and set my daydreams before God and see what He does with them. He can be trusted. He is a true friend.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Time-Out Can Be A Good Thing


1. I am grateful God's angels watch over me.
2. I am grateful my van's rear brakes are fixed now.
3. I am grateful for a nap almost every afternoon.
Plan for the day:
1. Since it is already afternoon... well, this evening I'd like to start another inky drawing to be painted with more ink.
2. I plan to wash the dishes - there was no time earlier!
3. I plan to read another chapter in a book.
Currently reading:
1. The Ivy Tree, by Mary Stewart
2. Holy Transformation, by Chip Ingram
3. Amazing Grace, by Eric Metaxas

Today I finally got the new rear brake shoes installed! It was a pleasure to do business with Al. He said the other brake shoes weren't completely worn down and that the rotors are just fine. This came after the Ford dealership told me last year to spend over 800 dollars on brake shoes and new rotors! They also wanted me to buy four new tires because one of mine had a slow leak they claimed was "unfixable." I took the van across the highway to Les Schwab and they fixed the leak for free and told me the tires would be good for at least another year! Since I barely drive the van these days the tires should last longer than that. I spent just slightly over 200 dollars for the rear brake shoes and installation. I'm happy with that.

Truth is, I haven't driven out of town for at least 10 or 11 months now. I drive into town for errands once weekly - and that's only about a mile each way. For this I had to pay auto registration fee of 697 because it is a cargo van. California is crazy. They think I'm a commercial business when I'm actually just a little old lady who wanted a cargo van as an insurance strategy in case I became homeless. Oh well. Live and learn. And I'm not homeless but nearly so. My mobile home burned in a forest fire and I now live in a borrowed travel trailer.

Anyhow, my blog theme today is "Time-out can be a good thing." By that I mean that I need to rest. Not only do I usually need a daily nap, I also need to be kind to myself and not insist on doing things at a frenetic pace when I'm seventy years old for goodness sake. I can do things slowly, I can rest, I can take days off. It is okay, and I just want to say that to myself in this blog post today. It is okay not to be perfect. It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to be slow and meandering when others want to go faster than need be.

I watched episode one of a season of The Amazing Race today (I subscribe to Paramount Plus.) I heard one person say, "Slow and steady wins the race," as she started out on her journey. I quickly thought, "Maybe not in this kind of race." But truly, it is better not to push oneself beyond endurance and I have a precious opportunity not to have to do that. I find the pace of The Amazing Race to be faster than I enjoy, and don't often watch it. All that rushing around drives me crazy and the music they use doesn't help. 

To be honest, I usually have more energy when I remember to take all my vitamins. I have a tea-table covered with supplement bottles. They truly do work to help me feel better. If I remembered to take them all every day maybe I wouldn't ever need to rely on a nap to get me through the day.

Friday, October 07, 2022

Just Another Day


1. I am grateful for a little visitor with a hen.
2. I am grateful for time with my neighbors.
3. I am grateful for my health.
Plan for the day:
1. Hang up that load of laundry.
2. Finish my Inktober "bouquet" ink painting.
3. Post to this blog!
Currently reading:
1. Galatians - study ongoing.
2. Holy Transformation by Chip Ingram
3. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggins

I've fallen off the blogging wagon here. I got involved with Inktober and have spent so much time making ink paintings in my journal, I forgot to continue writing here. #truth ... so here I am, ready to begin again as I've done dozens of times before.

I'm listening to Pastor Skip Heitzig talk about the book of Galatians, as part of my Galatians study.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Learning and Being Useful


1. I am grateful that I'm able to listen to great sermons on YouTube. Today I listened to Charles Stanley.
2. I am grateful for my journals. I seem to have a lot of them and need to work on filling them!
3. I am grateful for plenty of free time for my artistic pursuits.
Plan for the day:
1. Work more on my Sanctuary painting in the Leuchtturm1917 no-lines journal. Great paper for ink painting! One side of the paper only.
2. Collage - not one of my favorite things... but consider this for art class.
3. Create a form for art analysis in art class.
Currently reading:
1. Physical: Start reading Amazing Grace, by Eric Metaxas
2. Audio: My Brother Michael, by Mary Stewart
3. Kindle: How to Write Like a Writer, by Thomas C. Foster

The sermon by Charles Stanley (the one I listened to today) was about how to continue to be useful in old age (per Psalm 92:14). Considering what I wrote about yesterday, regarding feeling useless during this last summer of foot pain and non-walking, it was a very helpful sermon with great advice like keep learning, laughing, loving, leaving problems behind, longing and dreaming, looking your best, leaning on the Lord and listening to God. Yes, I wrote it all down in my daily planner because that is the kind of thing I do. I love the alliteration of L's... especially because I am Linda and this blog is Linda's Life.

It is a definite issue in my life. I want to be useful to God, yet my approach is so subtle most people in my community don't even know I'm doing anything of value. A lot of what I do is on the internet, and my life there is compartmentalized. The Lord had me start a blog about how my former religion, a cult, misinterprets the Bible. Who knows about that? Well, nobody locally knows, and my family doesn't know except for a few and they pay no attention to it. 

That led to a video channel - again, nothing I'd share locally. And then there's my long-time family rights activism which is hidden but helpful to some who need the information, and my prayer site I should add to more, and my art channel, my book channel, and my Christian channel - all so compartmentalized but hopefully useful to the Lord to reach His people - otherwise why am I doing those things - right? 

It isn't all about just having fun for Linda. At least I hope it isn't............. that would be so self-absorbed and insane, really. The book channel gave me a chance to learn to speak out more - I was so timid when I began. It was all a huge learning curve. And there's the thing: LEARNING... I must keep learning. That was the first bit of advice from Pastor Charles Stanley today. 

Well, there you have it - more ruminations from the wandering mind of Linda. Now I'll go get busy on my reading and painting and other tasks. I have to love it - there's never a spare minute. Life's good and God is forever.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Where Am I Going With This?


1. I am grateful for good weather today. 90/55 no rain.
2. I am grateful for YouTube art instruction videos.
3. I am grateful for remembering to read the Bible first thing in the morning.
Plan for the day:
1. Paint more (working on Sanctuary in my journal, using Daler-Rowney fluorescent inks).
2. Pay bills. Do my accounting.
3. Celebrate Autumn's arrival.
Currently reading:
1. Galatians / Adventuring Through the Bible
2. My Brother Michael, by Mary Stewart
3. Write Like a Writer
4. Amazing Grace, by Eric Metaxas

I've been wondering "Where am I going with this?" - and this applies to a lot of different elements in my life. My journal-painting here is called "Observer" so I will take this moment to observe my life.

1. Where am I going with my art? - Right now I'm still learning and practicing. That's why these paintings are done in a journal, rather than on expensive canvas or paper of some kind. I'm learning to use the Daler-Rowney inks as paint. I don't expect my little journal paintings to be perfect, but do want them to help me gain insight and skill in artistry. Recently one friend said they reminded her of the works of Matisse. Another friend said they reminded her of the art of Picasso! I take that as high praise. To be honest I'd be most thrilled to hear my work was similar to El Greco - but I'm not doing anything like what he painted, so I'll take Matisse and Picasso. Thank you! Such great encouragement! A few months ago I asked God what I was going to do with the art, and received inspiration that it would be for children's literature illustration and for teaching art classes. What's so awesome is that as of a week ago, I'm now teaching art classes! I have only one student - my granddaughter - but she seems very dedicated to the classes. We make marvelous messes together. She wanted to try abstract art. I have plenty of student grade acrylic paints to do this with. Great fun there!

2. Where am I going with this blog? - Well, this blog has been hanging around my life since 2001. I started in 2000 on just a web page prior to finding the website. Then I transferred my earlier postings here. I'm not sure whether any of them still exist. I've been fascinated by blogging from the time I first heard of it. This blog is more than 20 years old now! So, where I'm going with the blog is unknown. I'm leaving a little trace of my life on the universe - and I think that's all there is to it. This blog is where I can just talk about my life. I try to leave out the depressing parts, to be honest. I don't want to come in here and start writing about being depressed. There's no sense in being a downer in the world. I'd rather write things that are uplifting and inspirational. Complaining is so unattractive. I hope I don't complain much. I think truth-telling is important in blogging - but does anyone want to read about the mess I've made of my life? Probably not. So I'm just saying, even though my life has been messy, God loves me and picked me up off the streets of North Idaho when I was at my lowest, and He gave me a reason to live, and a reason to be happy. He fills me with joy and peace. The Holy Spirit works inside me to transform me. These are the things I feel are most important. If I'm depressed it probably means I need to pray and do something that makes me happy, like painting.

3. Where am I going with my life? - Sometimes I wonder. Like, every day! I feel like a useless person yet I know God has a purpose for me. I think sometimes I'm doing something for Him and I don't even know what it is, or when I do it. I have to trust Him in this. I'm seriously totally feeling like I'm nothing without Him - and I just have to soldier on day by day, hopefully doing whatever it is He wants me to do. I pray about it in the mornings - asking Him to guide me, and show me what He wants me to do. The art lessons with my granddaughter gave me a sense of purpose I haven't had for a while. I hope we make a lot of art progress together. I might want to include other children too. One day at a time. God is in charge of that area of my life. I'm trusting Him. So, where am I going with my life? This is not known. I live on a derelict property (home was destroyed in a forest fire 2 years ago) and I ask the Lord to develop the land. I would love to see it cultivated and for some building to happen - but also I see that my strength is waning as I get older so a great gardener, I am not. I tell myself one small part of the land at a time, but I haven't even been able to do that. I had some lovely tomato plants this year and they didn't produce even one tomato - I got flowers and that was all... so I'm thinking that vegetable gardening is not my talent. I think this coming year I'll just plant flowers.

God bless us, every one.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

If You Can't Paint Realistic, Then Paint Unrealistic, But Don't Stop Painting!


1. I am grateful for having time to paint.
2. I am grateful I'm single and have nobody here with me who distracts me from having time to read and paint.
3. I am grateful for the Lord's leading as He knows what I need before I do.
Plan for the day:
1. I plan to finish the songbird painting and start on another.
2. I plan to write an article for my Klamath Design blog about my exploration of painting with acrylic inks.
3. I plan to prepare some discarded food to be added to my compost bin.
Currently reading:
1. Galatians & Adventuring Through the Bible by Ray Stedman
2. Last chapter of Evalina by Frances Burney

I'm so happy that I'm painting. It is true I don't have the talent to paint or draw realistically. I've tried. I'll probably try again. But it appears that God has given me a different type of artistic talent - the ability to paint in my own style. I don't see anyone else painting like me - maybe because my type of art isn't what people want to create, but it is making me happy so I'm pursuing it. 

I like that I now have a space dedicated to art and journaling. I like that I can stop by that table anytime I want, and sit down and easily involve myself in adding to one of my artistic projects.

My space is small, since I'm living in a travel trailer. Very, very small. My art desk is the table built into the travel trailer - the dining table. Because I don't have space for big easels or large canvases, I'm currently not using acrylic paints. I've delved into acrylic inks and I have other types of inks to paint with as well. Ink painting makes me happy.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Afraid To Post? Don't Be Like That


1. I'm grateful for colorful inks to paint with.
2. I'm grateful for a playful spirit at age 70.
3.  I'm grateful I don't feel like I have to dye my hair blonde to feel younger at age 70.
Plan for the day:
1. Take care of my compost bin issues.
2. Call DMV to find out what happened to my auto registration.
3. Do some more painting, just for fun.
Currently reading:
1. Galatians, Adventuring Through the Bible, etc.
2. Evaline by Frances Burney (nearly done)
3. How to Write Like a Writer

I almost didn't post this silly-looking painting to Instagram and Facebook yesterday - but then I decided, why not? This little image actually makes me happy to look at. I love the idea of floating... and I didn't know if the woman was floating through space, through the water, or through life. I guess I'm floating through life.

I read, earlier today, that art shows us what we're really like inside. I'm not sure that's true for all my art, but sure enough, I think I'm happy with the sensation of floating... especially in a protective suit with a helmet. Lately I've been wanting more security. Isn't that what every woman wants, until they reach a place where they're smothered by people wanting to drive their lives? 

I'm facing the reality that there's no safe place in life. We all live in a danger zone where death is certain and life is just God's grace to us so long as it lasts.

Anyhow, I don't want to be afraid to post my sketchbook art, even if it is a bit silly. I like that this is a bright and colorful painting. That's what matters to me. It makes me smile.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Acrylic Ink Paintings in a Sketchbook


1. Grateful I was able to create and post two videos this week.
2. Grateful for waking up early today.
3. Grateful for better art supply organization today.
Plan for the day:
1. Review the book I finished last night.
2. Clean (bottles) and use the inks I found while organizing art supplies this morning.
3. Organize art journals.
Currently reading:
1. Bible: Galatians (and commentaries)
2. Write Like a Writer
3. Evalina - close to the end now

I am very much enjoying my art adventure with Daler Rowney fluorescent acrylic inks! Sometimes it is hard to get started with a new type of art supply, but I'm so happy I finally opened these and started painting with them. I tried them in two journals with very different types of paper. The paper in the Scribbles That Matter journal is thicker and great for these inks, but there are dots on the paper that show through. The paper I did this painting on is much thinner but has no dots. It is in a Leuchtterm1917 softcover journal. It seems to be perfect for what I need so I plan to do a lot of experimental art in there with these art supplies: #2 pencil, acrylic inks, and a Faber-Castell 0.5 India ink pen.

Here's a video I posted to my Adventures in Creativity YouTube channel.