Saturday, March 25, 2023

My Trailer Life Laundry Setup

1. I am grateful for creativity.
2. I am grateful for TODAY.
3. I am grateful for that art desk over there.
4. I am grateful for my incredible collection of food supplements.
5. I am grateful for being unique and producing unique work.
Plan for the day:
1. Keep on keeping on.
2. Books, blogging and housework.
3. Contentment with what God gives me.
4. Write a story.
5. Artistic journeying.

Currently reading:
1. Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
2. The Cloud of Unknowing by an anonymous 13th Century English monk.
3. An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser
4. Hornblower and the Hotspur by CS Forester
5. Clinging to Hope by Charles R. Swindoll
6. The Obsession of Victoria Gracen by Grace Livingston Hill

Here's how my day is going: 

I'm about to go out and get my laundry. My washing machine is outside because I live in a travel trailer and couldn't get it to work in here. The travel trailer has been a great home for me and the little washing machine is a blessing. If there's one chore I don't like to do - it is going to the laundromat. The one thing I missed the most after the forest fire ate my home - it was my laundry setup - washer and dryer. 

Here in my travel trailer I have a drying rack set up. I dry most of my clothes on it. I hang some to dry on hangers. I wash my blankets too and lay them across the top of the rack, usually for about two days. I want to make sure they're good and dry before I put them in the closet to store them. This drying setup works well for me. 

The washing machine is small. It is something I bought in desperation off Amazon. It holds one blanket at a time... or about eight pieces of clothing (shirts/pants). Truly I'm so grateful for it. At first I thought I could use it next to my sink here inside the trailer. It fit, but I couldn't figure out how to connect the hose to the sink as there's a screen in the faucet stopping it from connecting. I didn't have the tool to pull out that screen. 

No matter - it is hooked up outside to a garden hose and that works fine. I'm very happy with that washing machine and use it almost every day. I like to keep on top of the laundry pile, for sure. And I love having clean blankets!

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