Sunday, March 30, 2003

Now I'm having a hard time getting these blogspot pages to display. This is utterly weird. The background graphic shows, the ad at the top shows... but all the text on the page is gone! I'm going to move to a hosting service this month... there's no better solution.

Last night I consulted the I-Ching for insight into my free-floating feelings of distress. Not just war distress, but in-general... distress. I realized I'm overextended with projects that are keeping me from the things I really want to do.

What I want to do: develop my creative side. develop my business.

What I don't want to do: advocacy and mailing lists.

So I did it - I deleted almost all my mailing lists except the ones I own and the ones that concern my business or creative interests. I kept only a couple small activism lists (I can't go 100% inactive but for now this is much better!). I also left a message at Fight CPS And Win (my main activism site) that I will no longer be available for consultations. I've got a list of mailing lists people can sign onto for help and support.

So.. now I'm free of that! YAY. Hopefully I'll have no good reason to go back to it though since I've lived here in Siskiyou County the CPS agent has been harassing me and threatening my family. Apparently he's fascinated by my activism. Well I have this to say to him: If you don't like freedom of speech, MOVE TO IRAQ buddy. I lived nearly ten years in the SF Bay Area with no CPS referrals and then FIVE false or totally trivial accusations have been hurled at me by CPS agents in this county in a mere three years. Just an example of why this agency needs to have its wings clipped.

Sorry for the diatribe. You see why I'm editor of Parent News - this is one subject that really turns on my writing, and THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD. I truly believe that and I'm proud to be an activist and a writer.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

I'm having trouble getting the archives to work on the blogspot site and can't get my pages linked up any time soon... so if you want to see something that doesn't work on this new site please go back to the old site for that.

I heard from my oldest daughter - she's doing just fine... working and all. My oldest son is still a mystery.

I've had problems uploading my blog into my ISP FTP space so I'm moving this blog and a few others to blogspot... so now there's an ad at the top. Oh well... If I ever get hosting for my website I'll move them there.

I just worked most of the night doing a web maintenance job. It felt good to work so many hours... but I still didn't get it all done. I've got one more page to create, and a flash movie (a simple one). Problem is I realized I've forgotten how to use flash because its been so long since I did it. I can't justify retraining myself on my client's time so I'm going to go through the tutorial again tomorrow, then do her movie. Maybe someday I'll learn this well enough that I won't have to constantly look at the help files.

I think my youngest daughter is getting interested in making graphics so I'm planning on putting a good paint program on her computer. She's also recently discovered AOL (yes I know, how awful..) where she enjoys message boards and a few new IM friends.

I keep telling her about how dangerous predators on the internet are. I put the news article about the Michigan girl on our hallway wall so she'd read it (and she did).. the girl was traisping around Northern California with an aging ex-convict murderer! Fortunately he didn't murder her and she was found a few days ago - in Lassen County, I think... and that's very close to where we live.

Someone noticed him because he had a nice newish white truck that he'd spray-painted black!... it looked like a cheap paint job and who would do that to a nearly new vehicle anyhow?

The war in Iraq has really got me down these days. I was listening to a radio talk show earlier about stress caused by addiction to watching tv war coverage. Strangely - I was listening to this because I realized I was so stressed out I couldn't see straight anymore (thus trying to revise a novel or work on a website was useless) so I went to my bedroom and lay down for a stress break.. that's when Keith (who is addicted to talk radio) put on this radio show that was describing exactly what I was going through!

::Sigh:: War is hell.

This week I discovered a few sites about labrynths. It all started when I was looking at a photograph on the Coast to Coast AM website that shows a fairy. Of course the kids and I were discussing which of us believes its a real fairy... when I noticed the link to the Whispering Grove website. Now I'm hooked. I want a labrynth! I found one site that lists locations of labrynths all over the USA and there's actually one not far from us... just north-east of Weed at the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden. We went there a few times a few years ago but I never noticed a labrynth. Maybe it wasn't there then.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

It seems like weeks since I've heard from my oldest daughter and much longer since I've heard from my oldest son. Is it just me or are others having trouble keeping in touch with their adult children? I missed so much of my daughters' childhoods. Being separated from them is the real tragedy of my life. It doesn't get much better just because we're all older, and I don't understand why my children aren't answering my emails. My son's computer has been unstable but still, something doesn't seem right. Maybe part of this is my distress over the war affecting my peace of mind in all areas of life.

I've been working on my new business, Klamath Design, part-time. I'm about to start advertising and making this a regular full-time business. I know there's enough business out there and I've worked hard to make my webdesigns better during the last year. The main reason why I'm keeping this Linda's Life site as-is --- is because I love that Cassat painting. :) Redesigning this page is real low on my list of prioritites.

This last month I worked on a short story for my local writers club and it turned out better than I expected. 1900 words. It is like a fantasy (paranormal?) folk-tale of the miners and Karuks here in the Klamath River Valley 150 years ago... fun to write and read. I read it to the writers club last Wednesday and they liked it!! I'm apparently the only fiction writer there but they put up with me.

Last week Dr. Matthew Johnson of Grant's Pass was on the Coast to Coast AM radio talk show with George Noory. Dr. Johnson is the psychologist who was walking throught the woods near Oregon Caves on July 1, 2000 with his family - and had a bigfoot sighting. You can read all about it on his website: Sasquatch Site. We went to Oregon Caves on my son's birthday that year, exactly one month to the day from the time Dr. Johnson had his sighting... but didn't take a walk in the woods. That's only about 50 miles from where I live.

Guess I'd better get back to work. I've been working at night again lately so I can get more done without distractions from the family.

Saturday, March 08, 2003

A study says: Neanderthals, humans didn't mix

Hold the press... this article says there's no evidence. Not that it couldn't have happened.. but that we just don't know whether any of my ancestors were Neanderthal.

There is no convincing evidence, says Richard G. Klein of Stanford University, that Neanderthals and modern humans ever mixed in substantial numbers, which means that when the Neanderthals died out, so did their genes.
NO it doesn't mean that. Just because there's no evidence doesn't mean that they definitely died out taking their genes with them. All it really means is that we just don't know. People should be careful not to read too much into a lack of evidence.

I have no idea why this means so much to me.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

After I finished the Parent News webdesign, Leonard asked me to be the editor there! ...So I'm doing that now too. The site is averaging 147 hits daily this week. I'm trying to add one new article each day.

Today my daughter and I went to Yreka - she had a doctor's appointment. It was a great day though I had to pull over and sleep on the way home. Its a two hour drive each way.. and since I got only six hours sleep the night before.. I decided to pull over at Horse Creek, in the big turnout just past the bridge. I've slept there before... don't ask me why, I just feel comfortable there. So my daughter let me sleep for about half an hour. It was sunset when I fell asleep and dark when she woke me up. That really did the trick - I didn't feel sleepy at all the rest of the way home.