Sunday, March 30, 2003

Now I'm having a hard time getting these blogspot pages to display. This is utterly weird. The background graphic shows, the ad at the top shows... but all the text on the page is gone! I'm going to move to a hosting service this month... there's no better solution.

Last night I consulted the I-Ching for insight into my free-floating feelings of distress. Not just war distress, but in-general... distress. I realized I'm overextended with projects that are keeping me from the things I really want to do.

What I want to do: develop my creative side. develop my business.

What I don't want to do: advocacy and mailing lists.

So I did it - I deleted almost all my mailing lists except the ones I own and the ones that concern my business or creative interests. I kept only a couple small activism lists (I can't go 100% inactive but for now this is much better!). I also left a message at Fight CPS And Win (my main activism site) that I will no longer be available for consultations. I've got a list of mailing lists people can sign onto for help and support.

So.. now I'm free of that! YAY. Hopefully I'll have no good reason to go back to it though since I've lived here in Siskiyou County the CPS agent has been harassing me and threatening my family. Apparently he's fascinated by my activism. Well I have this to say to him: If you don't like freedom of speech, MOVE TO IRAQ buddy. I lived nearly ten years in the SF Bay Area with no CPS referrals and then FIVE false or totally trivial accusations have been hurled at me by CPS agents in this county in a mere three years. Just an example of why this agency needs to have its wings clipped.

Sorry for the diatribe. You see why I'm editor of Parent News - this is one subject that really turns on my writing, and THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD. I truly believe that and I'm proud to be an activist and a writer.

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