Wednesday, April 02, 2003

We just got home from a drive to Yreka. Aaron was with me this time. I paid for my business license for Klamath Design and got some other errands done, plus did some shopping at Walmart.

Finally I got a nice sheet/comforter set. It may not seem like a lot to many of you, but this is the kind of thing I make myself do without until the situation is desperate. I've been using a heavy sleeping bag that I bought 3 years ago (while I was between homes) for a bed spread all this time....However it has shredded and at this time is in such bad condition I was questioning the wisdom of ever washing it again as all the filling will come out. So it was time. I got a nice purple comforter and matching sheet set. Now I feel so much better whenever I look inside my bedroom.

I cannot believe I did this stupid thing. A message board I use has a webdesign forum where one of the regulars recommended a webhosting service that charges only two dollars each month. On a lark I decided I'd sign up for one of their hosting packages to see how it was. Well... after I signed up I got a nice welcome letter saying they're in Istanbul, Turkey! I started getting a queasy feeling about that. Now, I love Middle Eastern people but I happen to know we Americans are really unpopular in that area of the world right now (with good reason).

I went back to the site and checked it out more and saw that the order form wasn't even secure. That's when I was starting to panic. Plus when I uploaded my site the SSI didn't work... anyhow, it was all bad even though the people who own the service may be very sincere and good (I don't know). I decided to cancel the hosting service. They did get their first and only 2 dollar payment - but that's all. I feel sad that I don't feel comfortable doing business out of the country right now, but the lack of a secure server for the credit card processing was the final straw. So now I have no credit card number because I put a hold on it to protect my money - it was my only one... but I'll get a new number in a week or two. All my other site hosting contacts who I owe money to were very nice about it and don't mind me waiting to pay or paying by mail.

I guess I'll put that site at RTS Hosting instead. The lady who runs that has a super-cheap option... and she's very responsive to my emails which is really a good sign. Of course, the guy in Turkey was nice about that too. ::sigh::

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