Thursday, March 06, 2003

After I finished the Parent News webdesign, Leonard asked me to be the editor there! ...So I'm doing that now too. The site is averaging 147 hits daily this week. I'm trying to add one new article each day.

Today my daughter and I went to Yreka - she had a doctor's appointment. It was a great day though I had to pull over and sleep on the way home. Its a two hour drive each way.. and since I got only six hours sleep the night before.. I decided to pull over at Horse Creek, in the big turnout just past the bridge. I've slept there before... don't ask me why, I just feel comfortable there. So my daughter let me sleep for about half an hour. It was sunset when I fell asleep and dark when she woke me up. That really did the trick - I didn't feel sleepy at all the rest of the way home.

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