Thursday, March 27, 2003

I heard from my oldest daughter - she's doing just fine... working and all. My oldest son is still a mystery.

I've had problems uploading my blog into my ISP FTP space so I'm moving this blog and a few others to blogspot... so now there's an ad at the top. Oh well... If I ever get hosting for my website I'll move them there.

I just worked most of the night doing a web maintenance job. It felt good to work so many hours... but I still didn't get it all done. I've got one more page to create, and a flash movie (a simple one). Problem is I realized I've forgotten how to use flash because its been so long since I did it. I can't justify retraining myself on my client's time so I'm going to go through the tutorial again tomorrow, then do her movie. Maybe someday I'll learn this well enough that I won't have to constantly look at the help files.

I think my youngest daughter is getting interested in making graphics so I'm planning on putting a good paint program on her computer. She's also recently discovered AOL (yes I know, how awful..) where she enjoys message boards and a few new IM friends.

I keep telling her about how dangerous predators on the internet are. I put the news article about the Michigan girl on our hallway wall so she'd read it (and she did).. the girl was traisping around Northern California with an aging ex-convict murderer! Fortunately he didn't murder her and she was found a few days ago - in Lassen County, I think... and that's very close to where we live.

Someone noticed him because he had a nice newish white truck that he'd spray-painted black!... it looked like a cheap paint job and who would do that to a nearly new vehicle anyhow?

The war in Iraq has really got me down these days. I was listening to a radio talk show earlier about stress caused by addiction to watching tv war coverage. Strangely - I was listening to this because I realized I was so stressed out I couldn't see straight anymore (thus trying to revise a novel or work on a website was useless) so I went to my bedroom and lay down for a stress break.. that's when Keith (who is addicted to talk radio) put on this radio show that was describing exactly what I was going through!

::Sigh:: War is hell.

This week I discovered a few sites about labrynths. It all started when I was looking at a photograph on the Coast to Coast AM website that shows a fairy. Of course the kids and I were discussing which of us believes its a real fairy... when I noticed the link to the Whispering Grove website. Now I'm hooked. I want a labrynth! I found one site that lists locations of labrynths all over the USA and there's actually one not far from us... just north-east of Weed at the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden. We went there a few times a few years ago but I never noticed a labrynth. Maybe it wasn't there then.

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