Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who You Are is Who I Am

I'm going to use this space to sound off today. Yes, I feel a rant coming on.

First, I want to emphasize that my world is a reflection of what I am.

That guy across the room who I invited into my life space is a part of me.

So if I complain about him, I'm complaining about me.

If I criticize him, I'm criticizing a part of myself because obviously, I wanted him here for some reason. He completed me and I just had to have him.

Why do we do these things to ourselves?

We're here to learn.

It isn't always easy, nor should it be.

We learn more from what pains us than from fun and games.

So, take your pick.

I obviously chose to learn from various types of suffering... but today I'm calling one particular suffering out... and that is abandonment.

Yes, abandonment.

I've been abandoned repeatedly during this lifetime, and it has happened again.

There have been times I was abandoned due to no fault of my own except my own unenlightened non-seeing of reality. There have been other times I was abandoned because I had a meltdown.

Gosh, how imperfect can I get?

But eventually you have to see that the meltdowns, the bad, the negatives, the mistakes you make, the errors, the pathetic imperfections - they are all part of the learning process.

From this you / I / we become the people we were intended to be.

These errors are the food of wisdom.

* * *

I have two predictions today.

(1) During 2013 we will totally recover from our fear of 2012, and

(2) During 2013 we will collectively work much more enthusiastically on creating a better future for the creatures of this planet.

* * *

Now we as human beings must remember........... we are not alone.

We are togetherness personified.

We are human beings. A group. You could say, a soul group. A cluster.


When we get angry at someone else it is the same as getting angry at a part of ourselves.

When a part of ourselves abandons us... it means you can learn more from that pain than from the part that left.

The pain becomes part of you instead.

The loss becomes part of you.

And from that, new wisdom blooms.

Your heart is opened a little wider.

You become the amazing being you were intended to be.

Goodbye old friends. Hello new me.

What an amazing blessing!