Thursday, May 22, 2003

Tuesday... that was the day we had another news staff meeting at the Indian Creek Café. Mainly it was just Pete and me, but Bob chatted with us for a while. Later I went home to get Keith and we went shopping. That night I took my daughter to see a performance of "The Life of an Addict", a play put on by a group of 12-steppers in Yreka. It was pretty good!

Wednesday... I went to the Chamber of Commerce meeting and later in the evening, the Writers Club. In between I went to see Judy's new house on the other side of the river. It is cute, but they're doing a lot of work to fix it up. The foundation and basic construction are good - its just all the painting and floor covering type of stuff that needs to be done. The house sat empty ten years before they bought it this year.

Thursday... that's today... I'm so happy I get to stay home. I'm getting a lot of housework done; mainly kitchen, laundry and the front porch which I just swept and hosed off after a long, messy winter. My daughter wanted me to drive her up Indian Creek to see if her favorite swimming hole was ready to be used again. I refused - I'm sure the water's still too high for now.

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