Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Monday was busy. I went down to the post office to distribute copies of Happy Camp News with Judy and Pete. We gave away about 200 copies that way. I left ten in the library. Pete's left them at a lot of local stores and will be taking them to communities upriver and downriver. We'll meet Tuesday at two at the café... staff meeting time.

I'm still trying to get 20 pictures together for my daughter... so far have spent about 4 hours on the project and sure would have appreciated advance warning. First I heard of it was last Thursday when she came home in a hyper, excited, disturbed mood... demanding I have the pictures ready the next day. I said no. The pictures are for her eighth grade graduation. I think the school in this town makes way too much fuss about this graduation from eighth grade. They're having a big ceremony. My daughter bought a formal dress and expensive shoes for the graduation and dance. Ridiculous. I've never owned clothes like that and I'm 50... she's 14 and needs to dress like a movie star? For what? Anyhow... the pictures are to be displayed in a slide show during graduation. They waited 'till the last minute to inform my daughter because she's not in the mainstream class anymore. I'll work on it more tomorrow after I get more feedback from her on which pictures to use.

The kids are taking good care of their vegetable garden. I'm already seeing seedlings sprout. Watermelon, maybe? I need to get some zuchinni plants to set out too.

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