Saturday, May 24, 2003

My neighbor put a good stereo in my old truck! Well, that was nice... the old radio was as old as the truck and when Aaron showed it to me he pointed out the Ford insignia on the bottom. It no longer worked, so the new equipment will be very much appreciated!

I also appreciated that Aaron got to learn how to take out and install one of these. We just gave him our old Ford Escort to tinker around with, to learn about cars. Eventually he'll have to replace that radio too - its in pathetic condition just like the rest of the car, but he can spend the next couple years fixing it up... he's about to have his 13th birthday so it will be a while before he can drive. I'm looking forward to getting our new car in June.

Keith and I drove across the river to get a lot of periwinkle our friends took out of their yard and saved for us. We're planting it in the front yard and in the back near the seasonal stream (which is already dry at this point).

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