Friday, May 16, 2003

Friday - I've had such a busy week, working with two others to get the May print edition of Happy Camp News ready for the printer. This is the first month the three of us have done this, so the learning process was intense. I hope next month will be easier and less time-consuming.

Did I mention my car quit running? I think I did. I've been taking long walks and getting used to driving my old truck again. Its not bad, after a while. We're test driving a used Ford Tempo tomorrow. If we get it, I want to drive to the Bay Area to visit my family sometime this summer.

My daughter, Simoné, sent me a nice Mother's Day Card with a gift inside... I'm a lucky mother. :) I got it the day after Mother's Day because my car broke down right before last weekend and I didn't go check my mail for a couple of days.

Its been starting to get hot here recently. Maybe winter is over at last.

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