Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Wednesday - nice quiet day though my daughter stayed home from school, claiming to have a sore throat. She did manage to sleep last night thank goodness. Keith says sore throats are "going around".

I woke up at five this morning and made a fire... Keith was surprised that I managed to do that without any fire starter (which he guards, God knows where). Hmmm... I just used newspaper, a cereal box, a lot of kindling... and that's all. Either I have good luck or am more patient than he is. Then we ran out of wood but Keith and three other guys went into the forest to get wood today so we're in business again.

I just went into my daughter's room to give her the regular medication she takes and a bottle of cold Arrowhead spring water. She does have a slight fever. Now I wonder if 'coming down' with a cold contributed to her inability to stay awake in class yesterday.... she slept last night but is sleepy again today.

Keith and Bear (one of our dogs) are sitting here next to me. Bear adores Keith... a faithful and loyal companion. Yesterday Keith was visiting with our neighbor and Bear kept going into our bedroom and getting on the bed so he could look out the window and see Keith. I chased him off the bed several times but he kept going back. Bear cares about nothing but Keith... and food.

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