Friday, April 25, 2003

Thursday - my daughter was sick all day... and will be staying home tomorrow again. She asked me to contact her school to get books and assignments to do at home. She really cares about getting her schoolwork done.

I just found out my 12-year-old son has been lucid dreaming. I am so shocked. He was telling his sister that when he wakes up in his dreams he can do whatever he wants. He told me he doesn't have to worry about getting hurt because he knows its just a dream so he beats people up, jumps off buildings and walks on the ceiling - things like that. Apparently he has the gift to do this a lot. Lucky kid! He had a deja vu experience during his sister's birthday party. He'd seen it before-hand, in a dream!

I've only lucid dreamed twice that I know of and both times woke up right away so I didn't get to do anything I wanted.

Its raining outside but I have a nice fire going in the woodstove. I've got my online timer set to remind me every fifteen minutes to go put another log on the fire... or at least check to see if it needs one.

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