Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Tuesday - Well, as expected, my daughter fell asleep at school. A therapist I have looking in on her on Tuesdays called me. "It was kind of hard to talk to her today, she kept falling asleep!" As expected. I hope she'll have her sleeping schedule back on track in a day or two. This is what happens to some kids on Spring break. ::sigh::

I'm also back to working on my webdesign business and spent a lot of time today updating Happy Camp News. I was correcting the page footers and adding our new advertising policy and page with pricing. We have to get some money flowing through the project or it will fail soon. One member of our writing club already spent over 300 dollars on printing costs in the last few months, and I've been paying for the website hosting and domain name. Other club members have put money into this too. Besides setting advertising prices, we decided to put a donation link on the website. So if you're reading this and in a generous mood... check out Happy Camp News! ((Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask!)) Our writer's club will be ever-grateful...

I've had a headache all day. Aspirin isn't helping. Time for something stronger.... I'll try Ibuprofen...

My daughter also got a gift certificate from her *uncle* for her birthday (Thanks, Kyle!)... she just bought some CD's and a teenager magazine.

I just heard from my friend, Katrina, through Call Wave. I haven't heard from her in a couple of years... I was doing my filing a few days ago and found a paper with her other last name on it... and decided to google it. Amazing - it came up with a website she'd recently been added to so I was able to email her employer. What a wonderful invention this internet is!

:: Later :: I called Katrina back and got good news - she's doing just fine! I'm so happy because last time I saw her she was homeless living in El Cerrito/Richmond at that same bay-side park where Laci Peterson's body was just found. Well, three years ago I walked through that park looking for Katrina and couldn't find her. I looked for her all day and finally just before sunset found her walking down the street with her two kids near where they were living with their grandmother. Then she stayed overnight at my motel room.. that was in late 1999. We've been friends since about '94... met at a parent-participation preschool in Berkeley. Anyhow, the good news is that now she's working full time and living in an apartment in El Cerrito not far from where her two oldest kids are. She got her two youngest kids back (when I last talked to her one was with CPS and one was with her sister) and as we talked all four of the kids were in the apartment there with her. I was so happy about that. I've always thought she was the best of moms from the time I met her - its a real shame so many people wanted to take her kids away.... anyhow, I love hearing good news and am so glad my friend is doing well. Her next goal is to buy a house.

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