Sunday, June 02, 2002

Today (June 1) was Aaron's 12th birthday. I have always tried to give my kids a choice of what to do on their birthdays or treat them to a special event. This year Aaron said he wanted to go shopping in Yreka and check out their new skateboard park on Miner Street. We had a great day though that drive to Yreka and back always tires me out. I also spent too much money... but we all got new clothes. I got Aaron new bedsheets and a new pillow, plus the helmet and pads you see in the photograph below. He used the money his grandparents sent him to buy a new remote control vehicle.

Aaron's Birthday

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As always I was so glad to get back to Happy Camp and to be with Keith again. He spent the day with our neighbors and looked all rested, relaxed and happy when I got back. Sheesh. If I have to travel, I want to go someplace I haven't seen before... next time.

Right before we left Yreka we stopped at Rays Food Market to get Aaron a cake. When I came out of the store we noticed two deer in the field between the store and the freeway, just chomping away at the grass, completely at ease with all the people, cars, and activity. Wow. They aren't like that here! Bambi lives in the forest, not right next to the store. When he sees cars and people, he turns tail and runs. I wonder if those two deer were born in the area and accustomed to Yreka from birth. A few months ago we saw a deer in Greenhorn Park in Yreka too.

Aaron just finished putting the sheets on his bed, and getting ready to sleep, said, "Today turned out better than I thought." I'm glad he had a good time.

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