Saturday, June 01, 2002

I'm sitting here listening to Art Bell talk to Ed Dames about an "impending gigantic event". How many times I have heard this same kind of conversation from them and nothing Ed predicts comes into being, so far as I've seen. Maybe someday... but I won't bet my lunch money on it.

His newest dire prediction is an attack on the power plant at Shasta Dam. Paranoid people living downstream might take this opportunity to panic and move elsewhere. Either that or tough it out bravely. I used to live in Redding so I know the city well. I've also been to and through Shasta Dam several times. They used to give tours, prior to the terrorist attack on New York City.

While listening to this I made a graphic for my new desktop wallpaper:


I'll be putting this wallpaper online, with a lot more, when I start my new website. Soon. You can consider this yet another prediction of dire world events.

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