Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Technology, Old and New: Rokono via bluetooth and an old 3.5" disk drive

Today I opened two packages from Amazon. They came last week and I never opened them before because I've been feeling overwhelmed by technology... you know, the learning curve?

First came the GoPro Hero 7 Black, which I'm still trying to figure out. I talked to my son about it today since he has the same camera, and he said he'd be making a video soon about how he uses it.

Along with that came the Amazon Kindle Fire 10, which I am getting along with just fine.

Next, I got a new scanner which I like very much, thank you! Just what I needed to put next to my desk and use to put all my papers and photos into digital format. It will even do slides and negatives.

Then, the Fitbit, which is being used daily, though I still don't understand it all. My goal is 4000 steps daily, at this time.

Next, these other two things.

1. The Rokono is a little round speaker using a line in, or bluetooth.

2. The old style 3.5" USB floppy drive. More about that in a minute.

First I want to talk about the Rokono. It is a little round speaker, and by the time I got it, I forgot why I wanted it. I opened it this morning and set up the bluetooth to pair with my Kindle Fire 10, and remembered - this is for listening to audiobooks while I'm riding my exercise bike. The speaker connects via bluetooth and has a much better sound than the Kindle itself. It will work with my new cellphone when I get it (hopefully soon.)

The new 3.5" disk reader, well, that's a throwback to the days before CDs. I bought it because I have a box full of old 3.5" disks and 5" floppy disks, and the only reason I'm keeping them is to find one special file from back in the days of bulletin board systems (BBS). I used to own such a BBS, and want to find that file before I toss out all the rest of these old disks. It is a file about healing, by a healer who lived near Lake Tahoe, and I believe it is worth preserving though I can't find it anywhere on the internet. So, the search is on.


1. I'm grateful that cows live across the street. Now, I never get to see them in winter and so, they're not in their pasture now. There's snow there now. I don't know where the cows go in winter, but I love watching them out my window in warmer months. Every year they change, in that there were 3 brown cows and 1 black one year, and the next, 2 brown cows, 1 black. Another year 2 black cows, one brown. I don't know what's going on over there but . . . well, this is sounding ominous and I'm not grateful for that. I just like watching them, when they're there.

2. I'm grateful I got things done yesterday - two things that were on my to-do list for a while now, concerning phone contacts with other people.

3. I'm grateful for my new GoPro camera - though it is really hard for me to learn to use, I'm making progress and finally have all the pieces I need to start using it. A good challenge will keep my mind young.

Plan for the day:

1. Phone part D medicare insurer to talk about next year's coverage.

2. Package two returns; one to Amazon and one to Roamans.

3. Work on getting my daughter's package ready to mail.

Currently reading:

1. To Live is Christ, by Beth Moore - I've been listening to the audiobook version - currently in chapter six. It is about the life of the Apostle Paul.

2. The Nightingale - continuing this novel about the French resistance during World War II.

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