Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, 2018 Style

Why not? Be happy! I'm happy. Why? Well, it is a state of mind and sure beats depression by a long shot. Really, I wish nobody in this world was depressed. But let's not talk about depression. I could get deep into that topic but no... let's talk happiness.

Last night I went to church where we had a nice albeit short sermon about thankfulness. What other topic would have been so timely?

Pastor Carl suggested that this year, we keep thankfulness journals, and rather than just being thankful for the good things happening in our lives, also be thankful for the bad stuff that happens to us because ... it is because of the bad stuff that we grow, mature, and learn. So, both ways, good or bad, we're getting experiences here to be grateful for.

Maybe this blog can be my gratitude journal because, if you look around my office here, you'll easily see I have no need for another journal. Journaling has been a way of life for a long time. That's probably why blogging works so well for me.

Hope you're having a good Thanksgiving, or just had one..?

I'm staying home alone. My choice. I love my solitude. Tomorrow I'm going out to lunch with a friend at a fancy restaurant in Coeur d'Alene. I decided to wait one day as a cost savings measure, and so we could enjoy the regular menu.

My dinner tonight will be a vegetable burger - Morningstar Farms. Also a big plate of cruciferous vegetables and mashed potatoes. I have some carrot juice to enjoy with that.

My diet is changing again. I've been vegetarian for many years. I have to eliminate cheese and bread, because my diet isn't good for me.

Oh, this coming year could be fun. I'm thankful already for it.

And I'm getting a new camera tomorrow - a GoPro Hero7 ... I've never had one before. I'm thankful for the opportunity to buy one.

Okay, bye for real now.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving. And Happy, Happy Every Day.

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