Saturday, May 19, 2012

Journey! California... again.

I completely wiped my website, Journey California, clean... once again. This is the THIRD time.

The first site was on Geocities. Remember that?

The second was on my own domain but it was a disaster and I didn't know what to do with it. It featured a static page and two blogs.

The third time it was built on Drupal. That's the one I deleted tonight, but I saved all the articles. Well, I have articles saved from way back when it was on Geocities!

This afternoon and evening I worked hard to repair the damage. I installed a WordPress blog and posted two of my old articles.

Dunsmuir – Train Town! was from the old, old site... I've added two much newer videos and some update notes.

The other re-posted article, Happy in Happy Camp is an article I wrote in 2011 for a Southern California newspaper.

It will take a while before I can restore the rest of the site...

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