Sunday, October 17, 2010

Helplessly In Love With Horses - And Horse Movies!

I love horses. I love their strength, power, beauty, the mane flying in the fresh spring air, the joy they evince as they gallop across a prairie or down a hillside. So I love watching horse movies like National Velvet or any of the others. This week I've been watching as many horse movies as I could manage...

Hidalgo was billed as a true story - based on a memoir written by Frank T. Hopkins in the 30s and 40s. Before the movie was released people starting writing trash about him, trying to prove that his memoir was fabricated. They said there was no "Ocean of Fire" race across hot, arid Arabia, that Frank had made the entire thing up. Well, if so, it was still a great story. The movie is fantastic!

The Man From Snowy River is an old favorite. Not only are the horses spectacular, but there's a sweet romance and lots of action / adventure. The plot is great... there's something for everyone!

The Silver Stallion is much more slow paced, and is intended for children - especially those who love the "Silver Brumby" series of Australian children's books. Both The Silver Stallion and The Man From Snowy River are Australian films.

Last night I watched the older version of Black Beauty, and The Black Stallion. I'm working on reviews for them today.

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