Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Speaking of kids...

Speaking of kids... my second daughter's birthday was on January 14. For some reason that morning I started my journaling (I journal in a notebook regularly) and this poem insisted on being written:

Happy Birthday Naomi! - You're 24 today. :)

Even though you're far away
You know I think of you every day.
I wonder what you say and do
And is the world being good to you.
I wonder if you're happy now.
If you are, please take a bow.
But if your heart is sad and blue,
Remember the love I have for you.

Anyhow, after writing all that sappy stuff I tried to decide what to do with it. You see.. Naomi is my child who decided years ago never to talk to me again. She was raised by her father and his girlfriend, doesn't know me hardly at all, and apparently believed some brainwashing the barren g/f did in order to have "a child of her own." Long sad story... which I'm tired of relating.

So I was trying to decide what to do with my birthday poem. I thought about posting it here or on one of my websites just hoping someday she might find it. I thought about leaving it in my journal only just in case she might someday read that. Then I suddenly decided to send it to my oldest daughter and ask her to forward it if she had the heart to. Well, guess what - she did it! I'm so happy. Naomi may hate me, despise me, whatever... I don't know. But I do know that 24 years ago on January 14, 1981 I gave birth to her. It hurt one hell of a lot - in fact that was my most painful birth of the five. I loved her from before her birth and still to this day love her and I've never stopped. So on January 14... I feel the day belongs partly to me. The poem, to me, felt like a gift from God. It was that spontaneous. I even had a good cry over it, and usually I hate crying, but this felt good.

My Oldest Son

I had a mini-miracle experience yesterday.

I've been worried about my oldest son. He is 31. He lost his long-time room in San Francisco and called me around Sept. or Oct. to tell me he moved into the Salvation Army.

So on Thanksgiving I phoned him and discovered his cell phone was cut off. Then I emailed him through his band's website and got no response. Then on Christmas again I tried to call. No response!

So yesterday I finally got a pretty card out and wrote him a note.... sealed it and addressed it to the Salvation Army address. Guess what - a couple hours later, before I even got to the post office with my notecard, he phoned me and gave me his new phone number and address.

How cool is that? I don't know if I have a psychic connection with him or if this is God's way of telling me to take action and He will take care of the rest.

Now I need to send him what I had for his Christmas gift... won't he be surprised.. :)