Monday, May 10, 2004

My Busy Life - Shopping With Aaron

Yesterday was Mother's Day. My oldest daughter, Simone, called me from Georgia. Unfortunately I wasn't there to get the call and she just left a message. Then I called my mom and left a message. Then I called Simone back and left a message. Yay for message machines, but I kind of miss the old days when we used to really connect with one another more often.

I drove to Grants Pass with my son in the afternoon - to buy him shoes. That was my primary purpose for going there. I like buying the kids' shoes at Big 5 Sporting Goods because the sales on brand-name athletic shoes are enticing. Aaron got a pair of Spaulding court shoes... they look great.

Then we went to Walmart and bought paint for his bedroom and the livingroom. He chose blue and yellow paint - to be applied with a roller that will make it looked textured, like stucco. The roller cost nearly as much as the paint! I got everything we need to complete the project. My livingroom will be white with green trim.

I also got all the supplies we need to fix his Playstation 2. I found a cool repair guide online so now all I need is nerves of steel and brains... to get this thing fixed. It is the second Playstation 2 he's owned. They seem to break down a lot. Right now we're dealing with disk-read errors and a CD tray that won't open.

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