Saturday, May 10, 2003

Saturday - Today our car started making terrible grinding noises. There's been some strange noises associated with the new tires too. Its not been a great day. Keith says we can get another car next month. Until then, I'm either driving the old truck, or walking.

A few days ago the kids decided to grow vegetables this year. They dug up the old garden behind the house and prepared the soil yesterday. Today they planted veggie seeds. I hope they grow well! They've also got flower seeds for the front yard.

My children are so awesome. :)

Today they also decided they need our shed for gardening equipment, so they're trying to clean it out. They were amazed to find toys they'd boxed up three years ago when we moved. Now they're wondering why they kept so many of them. Back then it was a major emotional attachment, and now they don't care. I'm going to toss most of them, except the sentimental items.

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