Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Aaron, my 12-year-old son, has been working on creating a garden/picnic area in the backyard. He just gave me a wishlist of things he wants or needs to complete the project. I posted it on our homeschool weblog.

Today my daughter's new TV set was connected to satellite (Direct TV). A few minutes ago Keith came out here and said, "Notice how peaceful the house is with her back there watching TV?" This is a valid comment. My children's #1 argument-starter during the past year has been the TV set in the livingroom. Now Aaron's out here playing with his playstation 2 and she's leaving him alone. Cool!

I went to the Happy Camp News staff meeting today. Judy and I sat there in Indian Creek Café chatting and eating. Bob talked things over with us for a while and helped set a price for distribution of inserts. I need to do some cost projection analysis so we'll know how many ads we need to sell to make this print edition work. After the meeting we went to the Computer Center to look at some of the pages we've developed over the last week.

I was sad to hear that Judy's yellow car quit working yesterday... probably permanently this time.

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