Friday, April 04, 2003

Today was busy! My son and I made the trip to Yreka again to exchange the Play Station 2 at Walmart. They were so nice about it! They just checked the warranty by phoning in the serial number on the back of our broken Play Station. We bought it on Feb. 11, 2003 so the warranty allowed us to get an exchange. Now Aaron is back home happily playing his new game again.

My daughter had a virus on her computer! It was called "MusicSearch". She ran the AVG virus scanner as always and got a message saying the virus couldn't be removed... so I went in there (her bedroom) to fix it. I was shocked to discover she'd actually had 29 viruses in the last month! On one day alone it was 14 virus files! Compare that to my ONE virus that was healed by AVG without me even knowing about it. Anyhow, I did the research and discovered that MusicSearch is a trojan horse virus that can be difficult to remove. From DOS I could see the file but couldn't delete it. AVG couldn't delete it either. Finally I discovered a fix for it. The fix is to get a program called Anti-Trojan - you can download a trial version to use for 14 days. After finding out the virus file name from AVG, you can go to options on Anti-Trojan, click on 'process viewer' and then on 'start plugin'. Scroll to the bottom of the list, find the virus file name, and 'terminate'. I tried it thanks to Lauryn at The-Protagonist.Com... and it worked for me! Now my daughter's computer is virus-free again. ((I wonder how long that will last. I suggested she change her internet habits!))

I'm so happy to be home after that long drive. Once again I had to stop and sleep on the way home. Aaron didn't have much patience for this, but I did get enough rest to get us home safely. Now I'm listening to George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, my favorite talk radio show as anyone who reads my blog by the same name surely knows.

Well, back to work. I have a job to do tonight before I sleep.

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