Saturday, April 05, 2003

This has been a good day so far. I joined a writing marathon for the weekend, and so far wrote 4200+ words. My goal is 10,000 words. I'm writing a new children's story... so far seven chapters.

Last night I got to talk to my sister. She was going to visit us this week but unfortunately can't due to medical proceedures. We had a nice phone conversation anyway. At least she hasn't encountered SARS yet. We discussed that and she's got plenty of plans on how to handle it. I'm glad she's planning ahead. For those reading this it might help to know she's a nurse-practitioner... that's why I'm concerned about her. Many of the SARS victims are health care workers.

Aaron is sick. Maybe he caught something in Yreka while we were there this week. The kids are getting along good tonight, watching a movie together.

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