Sunday, April 13, 2003

Sunday - my observations on life. We have a very good life here in the Klamath River Valley even though we're barely making it financially. Money isn't everything. We have a lot of love in our family. It took me 49 years to meet this kind man who lives with me now. He's not perfect but the bottom line is we get along with each other and love each other a lot! What else is important? I've found someone I rarely argue with and whose company I adore. He's a musician and I'm a writer and web artist. When he starts playing his guitar, I put on my headphones and play soothing subliminal-message recordings. Right now I'm using one for self-esteem. He built a fire for me (in the fireplace) and I made dinner for him tonight. We're happy together, in case you wanted to know.

I'm glad to report the kids are getting along with each other this evening... watching TV together instead of arguing over it. They were working, cleaning the yard outside earlier, and appreciated coming in to find dinner ready and waiting in the microwave. Aaron really did a great job cleaning the livingroom last night. It sure is nice for them. I never use the livingroom unless there's some show I just have to see (usually a segment exposing CPS injustices)... otherwise I stay at my desk in the dining room or in my kitchen.. or I'm sleeping. Speaking of sleeping - I'm almost ready for my evening nap, so I'll be going. I always take a nap before I start my night-time webdesign jobs so that my mind will be wide awake and ready for action.

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