Saturday, April 12, 2003

Murder trial halted as 'victim' is found alive

Teenagers! The girl in this article let her parents believe she was dead for five years, but finally confessed to being alive during the trial of her accused murderer. I don't know if her re-appearance was voluntary. If so it would appear she cared more about the accused man (who confessed to her murder and three others) than she did about her parents (who were grief-stricken for years and already had a memorial service for her).

As a parent, I know very well how it is to have my daughters turn their backs on me and appear not to care about me. It really hurts. I wonder how they'll deal with having their teenage daughters turn against them, should they ever be lucky enough to have any. My older son didn't turn away from me like my daughters did. I don't expect my younger son will either. I wonder if that's a common difference between girls and boys. I don't know - I've only got five examples (my own kids).

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