Saturday, April 12, 2003

Friday - First thing in the morning I went to my daughter's school for an award ceremony. She got an award for making Honor Roll. We were happy; this was the first time for her this school year and for the past five years she was homeschooled.

Later in the day we drove to Yreka for a doctor's appointment (for my daughter). Everything went well. The doctor looked a little more frazzled .. more than last time we saw him. I guess they're keeping him busy there.

We didn't do much - just a few errands and a short tour of Walmart. This is typically what we do in that town. Though Yreka is two hours from where we live, its the closest Walmart (or any other kind of discount store) so we take advantage of the low prices while there. Also the fast food... gotta have it. We have no fast food here in the forest other than what we can warm up at the liquor store.

Today I concentrated on buying what I needed for the accounting aspect of my new business. I wish me luck in setting up these books. I took a bookkeeping class about 30 years ago but I'm no expert when it comes to money matters.

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