Saturday, April 19, 2003

Friday..... I've spent hours today doing my filing. I still have boxes of unfiled papers I brought with me from the Bay Area when I moved north over three years ago. In my dreams... I will someday get all these boxes emptied, or at the very least, organized. Today I asked Keith to bring in some large storage boxes from the shed... we're talking about the 20-gal. plastic rubbermaid containers... I bought about thirty of them before I moved. Anyhow, I have six of them in the hallway now and plan to work on emptying them during the next week.

Today I found my friend, Katrina, listed on a website in the Bay Area. I haven't heard from her in a couple of years so I hope she'll phone me. I sent a message to her employer... asking that she phone me.

Writing of the boxes reminded me of a site I saw a few days ago. The columns page editor for Happy Camp News wrote a new advice column with his wife called Angelic Advice... and mentioned this site: Intenders of the Highest Good. I would like to try intending something now... I intend that all my filing be done soon.

Wouldn't that be a miracle!?

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