Monday, April 28, 2003

Bears Destroy Hotel Doors, Eat Floor

I'm glad the bears around here aren't that hungry and aggressive! (I hope.) When we first moved into the forest 3+ years ago a bear attacked our garbage outside the back door. Since then I haven't seen a trace of them. Of course, we don't leave our trash out there anymore! My neighbor down the hill at Bear Cove said they had one on the property a few weeks ago.

Since I've lived here, I haven't even seen a bear. Not one. Keith and the kids saw one crossing the road near the landfill. My neighbors at Indian Creek Café say they've seen them across the river from the Sluice Box River Access near Seiad Valley. But I've been there and seen nothing.

Once we had 'something' on our front porch but it was just heard... not seen. It made ominous noises but by the time I turned on the light and ran into the bathroom to look out the window, whatever it was ... was gone.

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