Saturday, November 02, 2002

Today Aaron's friend was swinging one of our hammers in the backyard and got it caught in the clothes line... then pulled on it and hit his own head - hard. He didn't pass out but got a huge bump on his forehead. I felt so sorry for him. Fortunately his mom came to get him soon enough.

Novel writing is going pretty good. I've done 6000+ words so am ahead of schedule so far.. but it has been only two days.

There's no water service in Happy Camp today! They are replacing pipes and other system parts. Why can't they do this kind of thing at night when people are less likely to use their water anyway? We can't do dishes, can't do laundry, can't take showers... etc.. it is one of those things... you don't give much thought to it until it is gone.

The kids had fun on Halloween. My daughter went out with her friend. Her friend was a cheerleader and my daughter was gothic. Aaron went with Shane and his family, dressed as a criminal. I didn't appreciate his garb but at least he was warm and stayed out of trouble.

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