Sunday, November 10, 2002

This is stuff I said in email and on message boards in the last week:

"I've been thinking about writing about my life too. My oldest daughter asked me to write my life story - as a family history document. I'm in the middle of another writing project, but have been thinking of how I could go about doing a life story manuscript in a creative and artistic way.
"I already have a small collection of short memoirs, and a pile of journals dating back twenty years. I'm considering writing my life story as a collection of short stories, or maybe three or more novel-like segments.. part fiction, part reality."

"I was kind of planning to hide my face for a few more weeks due to the fact I haven't updated Happy Camp News in over a month."

"...that water heater has worked just fine for 2+1/2 years since we've been here and suddenly this guy we don't even know declares it a hazard. Did [company name] change owners or something?"

"Anyhow, she got her eyes checked today and we ordered another pair of glasses - but she keeps saying she won't wear them. I still feel it is my responsibility to make sure she has a pair available. The last pair, she broke on purpose because she doesn't like how she looks in glasses. She wants contac lenses but her insurance from her father's job doesn't cover vision."

"Thanks for your evaluation of my website - I just deleted the whole thing."

"I've had problems connecting to the internet during the storm - have you noticed that too?"

"The story on my novel left the plot behind about five days ago - and took off in directions I never imagined. It is terrible not knowing what this protagonist will do next."

"I gave a few years of my life to researching that information and now am on to fiction projects. Of course, it all is grist for the mill."

"My new novel is 41% done. Last night I worked on it until 5 am. It is really slow going at times. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it or if people will think my novels are as weird and offbeat as I do. I mean, who really cares about some girl running around in a forest and dealing with unfriendly villagers in order to find her father? I have no idea where I'm going with this. I offered to show my brother my first novel when he was here a few weeks ago and he just asked what kind it was. I said it was an adventure novel for kids and he didn't even want to look at it. Geez... I was thinking it was so cool I at least had a manuscript. oh well. I keep wishing I was writing about sophisticated city people in modern times... wouldn't that be easier?"

"You can always reel me in with the promise of a good cup of coffee. :)"

"We must learn to show more love and tolerance and compassion than others. To expect or demand it of people who have not received the benefit of His guidance is wrong. Sorry if I seem like I'm on a tangent just because I am.. I see this kind of impatience in the chatrooms and it just makes me want to cringe... so I encourage love, tolerance and understanding. I hope some out there are listening."

"And yes, sometimes it is needful to experience rough exchanges - because it can serve to wake up heedless people. However there's always the danger it could also hurt and distance them. Who among us has the wisdom to wield that kind of power? Not very many."

"In some ways I agree with you ... , but unlike you, I'm not willing (or able) to get totally sarcastic about it. My solution is that if I don't like it - I don't have to participate any more than what feels comfortable for me.
"I think I'm one of those people you speak of who was pushed overboard - but don't believe I've ever been better qualified to lead. Maybe I'm just not the control-heavy type. I don't much respect overly-controlling types of people - just thinking of the way they hurt others saddens me.
"I've had to come to the conclusion that not only am I not able to fit in with the pack, I don't even want to fit in with the pack! I need to be true to my own nature... loving myself as I really am, not trying to be what someone else imagines I should be."

"I've been wondering about how the early believers - for example - Táhirih - knew things without being told. I'm too sleepy tonight to do the research to come up with a specific example.. sorry. But they must have had some kind of inner connection. I too feel that connection, probably not at all to the degree that Táhirih had it, but enough for me to pay attention to.
"...I feel like a pariah for giving it so much weight in my spiritual life and not fitting in with what the others think I should be. Some might confuse it with being 'psychic' and condemn me for that... so I rarely speak of this."

***That's about the best snapshot of my life I've ever posted in this blog!***

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