Friday, June 07, 2002

My Daughter Now Has a Social Life

Last night Keith and I finally made the trip over Grayback to Oregon to go shopping. We left just before sunset and returned after dark, listening to Art Bell's hour-long Kreskin exposé. Oregon was a change of scenery - something I really needed. Still lots of trees there but different stores, different streets, different people. We also got a lot more groceries than we usually get here with the same amount of money.

I was hoping for a UFO sighting on the way home over the mountain, but all we saw were stars and planets. Lots of them. Back when we lived in the Bay Area there was so much light and smog, we were lucky to see 20 stars in the night sky. Here, we can see them all... it is so beautiful out there. I thought I'd be most likely to see a deer, and more likely to see a UFO than a Bigfoot. As it turned out we didn't see any of those. Oh well... there's always next time.

As my kids are getting older I'm seeing less of them. My daughter in particular is developing a teenage social life for which I should be grateful. Yesterday she put on a dress and went to M.'s 8th grade graduation and dance. When they called here at 11 it made me feel good that she still feels like she needs me. When I pulled up in front of the school to pick them up, she ran out to greet me. Cool. Then M. was telling me about all the guys she danced with and how my daughter wouldn't dance with anyone and turned some guy down and made him feel bad. Oh well. If my daughter doesn't want to dance with guys that's fine with me. She said she was dancing with herself and she sounded really happy about that decision. That sounds good to me, really. Safer that way.

M. had an amazing new full-length satin dress on for her graduation. I kept telling her she looked like a Barbie doll. Really. When I was a kid, they first came out with Barbies, and there were blonde and brunette Barbies. My sister got a blonde to match her and I got the brunette to match me, so M. looked just like my childhood doll. Then she said, "No, I look like M.." So I was thinking of a great new M. doll. That would really catch on, I think.

Well, I took them to M.'s house and they went on the bus to Yreka with M.'s mom and younger kids today. It is so quiet here without my daughter! Our neighbor is replacing broken windows for us today and Aaron is playing with Nintendo (quietly thank God)... Keith is spending money, paying bills (I love that he does that for me)... and got us each a new shirt downtown.

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