Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Some Recent Articles I've Posted

I haven't written here lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been writing.

Today I wrote about how God takes care of us:

When Things Don't Go Right

The past two weeks I've been working on the 2016 rebuild of my Literature For Kids website, posting some of my inventory of articles about how to write for children.

Place Children's Story Characters in Unusual Settings - Literature For Kids

Themes in Children's Fiction - Literature For Kids

And more.

I also posted three new articles at FightCPS last month, and three at Klamath Design.

There are others....

At I wrote: Mocha Coffee Fashion and Basic Blogging Instructions.

At my River Girl site I wrote The Chinese Prospectors of Happy Camp and River Girl by Kelley Mickwee, A Song.

I wrote other places too. I started an archive of art products I like at Artista

Well, this is the work that I do. Writing is apparently my "passion" in life... that and my savior, Jesus Christ, who keeps me happy and provides all I need.