Monday, October 03, 2011

Lemonade Diet and Going Vegan

My chances for getting health insurance are slim, so I'm taking chargeof my own health by doing the master cleanse lemonade diet. I'm currently on day ten of a fast thatwill last until my tongue turns pink, 30 days, or I cave - whatevercomes first.

I'm not at all hungry today. Lemonade is a terrific appetite suppressant and I'm feeling just fine energetically and mentally. They say by day ten I should be having mental clarity, and I'm kind of still waiting for improvement because I've been feeling more focused and clear in my thinking all along.

The cleanse removes toxins from the system, and pushes the re-set button on life so that we can make drastic life changes. For me, the big change will be going from vegetarianism to veganism . . . plus gluten free.

Recently I read an illuminating book about wheat - call "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis. What an eye-opener. He's helped hundreds of his patients morph into gluten-less diets and they've lost weight and had other impressive health benefits. I have to try it!

Going vegan has been a long-time goal of mine. Every time I got close I'd fall back into the egg and cheese eating vegetarian diet, and I'm determined at this time to give those up. Well, I already gave them up to do the master cleanse lemonade diet. After ten days I'm sure all food addictions have been broken. Now I just need to be strong and truly change my eating habits and learn a new way of cooking - all vegan! I'll be incorporating a lot of raw foods along the way.