Thursday, January 09, 2003

TV = Idiot Box!

"This feels pretty cozy and heartwarming," my son said, 24 hours into a week without the TV.

After months of increasingly distressing fights over the TV, I finally reached the end of my rope last night and even convinced my boyfriend that we should take the damn thing out of the living room and restrict the children from using it for a week.

Let's just say the fights were pretty intense. We already tried setting hours for favorite shows so supposedly everyone's rights were to be respected. It didn't work. The fighting continued.

So anyhow, 24 hours ago the idiot-box went into the master bedroom. Let me tell you what's going on here tonight. The kids are getting along together just fine. My daughter, who as of late keeps telling me how uncool books are, has been sitting here reading her brother's book about yucky stuff (thanks for that Aunt Susan). She reads to herself and to him at times. Meanwhile he's sitting right next to her designing a mechanical dinosaur-shaped weapon. He created one (on paper) last night and is doing another one tonight, trying to figure out how everything could work.

Not one fight tonight. A miracle? Perhaps...

Now my daughter's trying to make a deal with me regarding housework. She wants to cook something for her brother. She wants to help him clean his room!

Down with TV's!!