Friday, August 21, 2015

Daily Blogging Goal

I am challenging myself to a daily blogging goal – to add to this blog daily for as long as I can keep it up. Just small notes will do, or political rants, or notes from my morning Bible study. Anything will do. Photographs welcome.

So, that said, let's start with photos! Prayer Plant I took this photo with my new Dell Venue 8 tablet, and it is very grainy sorry to say... my camera takes much better photographs.

This prayer plant lives in the corner of my living room here in Idaho. It was a gift given to me on the day of my baptism: July 4, 2014... a gift from a dear Christian friend who has helped me quite a lot since I moved to Idaho in July 2013. I see her almost every week at the women's Bible study we have here in my living room, currently, every Wednesday.

This photo of my orange spice tea was taken with my camera/camcorder, which is a Sanyo Xacti. You can see how much better this photo is. This is also the camera I've been using to make videos.

I heard from my former boyfriend, Keith, yesterday. I was glad he called because I hadn't heard from him in three months... and that was unusual as he usually called every month. He said he gave his phone away to a woman who needed it more than he did. (!) That is just like him, so I wasn't surprised. He is a homeless Christian drifter. Well, if I tell you this story it will be a long post. I might write about him next time.

My daily blogging goal is inspired by Barbara Radisavljevic's daily blog about Paso Robles.

Update 8/23 - I decided to write about Keith on my other blog: How Comforting it is to Know He Takes Care of Us


  1. Good luck with your goal of blogging every day, Linda. Your pictures are a good illustration of the difference between your tablet and camera pictures. I do believe that the cameras in phones are getting better and better. Maybe the same will hold true for tablets?

    1. Thanks for coming by, Brenda! The first photo by the tablet is 5 megapixels (doesn't even look that good!) and the second one, by the Sanyo Xacti, is 14 megapixels. Big difference!