Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Writers Club, Local Style

I love my local writers club. We meet weekly to write together. Mainly, that's the purpose, but what we do more of is shoot the breeze. Talk. Talk. Talk. But that's okay because we're all friends and love talking to one another.

It is a small town so we are lucky to have six people who show up fairly regularly. One member missed this last meeting. We found out later it was because she was given custody of a nine-month old baby. I don't know how that will affect her participation in the future.

The rest of us got on the topic of politics. That's something we should probably avoid. We also got onto the topic of religion. Through it all we are all still friends.

Tanya brought her yarn. I brought my writers notebook. Judy brought her happy smiles, Dennis brought his cane, and Bob brought opinions, as always.

No matter what else is going on in town, I can depend on my writer friends to want to meet to write. We have a collection of topics and choose one weekly to write about. Fun... writing together is usually more productive for me than just trying to sit at my kitchen table and write.

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