Saturday, April 02, 2005

On second thought...

Right after I wrote about my frustration with not getting the sheriff's office reports, I started getting them. Yay! Now I feel my news site is a better service to my community.

Today I'm buying a few new domain names from GoDaddy - and downloading the first program - now in the archives at GoDaddy Radio. Seems like everyone wants to get into internet radio these days. I want to do a show on family rights... but don't have the right equipment yet. My computer is so old I'm using Win98SE - it's a Pentium III and I want to upgrade to something more capable of handling internet radio production.

My new domain names are all about bigfoot. Why? Because I live in a place where bigfoot is a big issue because there's so many sightings around here. I am the new owner of BigfootSightings.Org, BigfootHunt.Com, and BigfootJamboree.Com. The last one is a local celebration held every Labor Day weekend... sort of a local faire where there's lots of events and vendors.

This year my daughter signed up to sell Bigfoot Jamboree Raffle Tickets. I'm planning to put a paypal link up somewhere for her to sell them online.

Yesterday she and I went to Yreka for a doctor appointment (hers) and then we went to Medford so she could spend her birthday money at the mall there. Her birthday isn't until April 20 (she'll be 16) but she couldn't wait and I caved in and gave her what she wanted early. It seems I'm the only one in my household that sees value in waiting for the official birthday. Anyhow, we had a great day in Oregon and were very happy to get home just before midnight. The only animal I saw on our way home through the forest was a small rabbit. Seems strange there's so few deer the last year or two.

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