Sunday, August 29, 2004

Hit by a car

My boyfriend keeps a scanner in our bedroom. This morning he heard a boy on a bike got hit by a car near the CNR Center in the old downtown area of our town. This was right after my 14-year-old son left to go visit a friend. On his bike. So naturally I jumped into my car and drove down there to see if it was my son. It wasn't.

The victim was a much younger boy who by the way lived through the experience just fine so don't start crying. I talked to the poor woman who was driving the car. She was still shaking and terribly upset. She said it happened up on Indian Creek Road. Two boys came down one of the dirt roads out of the hills as fast as they could on their bikes and without looking or stopping rode right in front of her. She hit the smaller boy, then he asked her to drive him to his grandparents' house which was downtown near the CNR Center.

It reminded me of the time my brother got hit by a car when he was seven and spent a month in a body cast in the hospital. As I recalled there was not much liability since my brother was riding erratically and wasn't looking where he was going.

I guess it is time to review bicycle safety with the kids. My son rides as fast as he possibly can around this town. He's very fast. I will corner him and discuss safety with him.. probably tonight during our homeschool session.

This semester I'm reading a bicycle touring manual with him so this will give us plenty of time to talk about the hazards of the road.

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