Monday, May 17, 2004

Leaving AFRA, a Time Consuming Activist Organization

Today I made a major time management decision. I said "no" to AFRA. Oh my... I cannot believe how liberated I feel. Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE AFRA. I really do. And I love the people there. That's why it was a major time-consuming addiction for me. So I wrote to the founder and the vice-president and said I'd no longer be participating.

In case you're still wondering and didn't click on the link above, AFRA is the American Family Rights Association. I'm an activist more than an advocate but call me either. I care about family rights and am concerned about families torn apart by false accusations. So I've had a family rights website online for four years.

My decision is to moderate my time commitment by participating only in my website and not in AFRA activities in the future.

After turning off the mailing lists and adjusting to my new activity level today I had the pleasant sensation of having time for other things like my writing (remember that!?).

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