Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Not much happening here on Monday. I mainly did housework and laundry. I worked on Parent News for a while... realized I hadn't touched it since the day before the war began. I guess I've been distracted!

I washed my new purple sheets today and put them back on the bed. I left for a while and when I walked back into the bedroom my dog was lying there on my bed. I might not have been so irate except that I don't have a dryer and it was sunset by the time this happened. No, I don't like to sleep with my dog. In fact, he's Keith's dog. He was supposed to be my daughter's dog but he follows Keith everywhere. He sleeps on the floor right beside my side of the bed, under the sewing machine table that used to be my mom's.

Keith was out in the woods getting firewood all morning with friends. We decided to cut corners by not buying fuel oil this month, then it suddenly got cold again. Now we're back to using the wood stove for heating. I kind of like it but its a lot more work for Keith.

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