Sunday, April 20, 2003

I decided this was the night to go into my daughter's room and fix the computer. She was still having trouble with the musicsearch virus. I researched it and realized it doesn't register as a virus except on AVG and none of the virus sites are talking about it... so I downloaded Ad Aware and ran that... when I saw that she had about 250 spyware-type files on her computer I literally started choking. She was laughing. As I recall the first time I ran Ad Aware on my computer it came up with about 50 files, maybe less... and I was not expecting my daughter to have such a large number.

Besides the musicsearch virus problem and massive spyware, she'd downloaded a program that came up at a mp3 website she'd been to... very annoying!... it put an unwanted toolbar on the top and bottom of her browser and hijacked the browser screen forcing her to where she got an unwanted search engine and a lot of ads. She couldn't get rid of it by de-activating the unwanted toolbar. I took care of that by downloading a "fix" from the site. It seemed to do nothing. I deleted it... then went to the install/uninstall link on the settings menu and saw that "lop-uninstall" was there. I was put through a lot of steps to get that uninstalled but the end result of all the work I did:

No more musicsearch virus when she runs AVG.
No more unwanted annoying toolbars and screen-hijacks.
No more spyware.

It took several hours but was well worth the work... I felt like I was giving her something really great for her birthday too. We're also getting her a small tv and satellite link for her bedroom and she'll be getting 150 dollars to spend on clothes at the mall in Medford. She's going to have to buy her graduation dress out of that money.

And.. she had a great time at her friend's house this evening.

Aaron helped bake two birthday cakes. For some reason I thought I was going to get to eat one today but no... they want to save both of them until tomorrow. Don't ask why two... I still haven't figured that out myself.

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