Sunday, August 25, 2002

The Homeschool Table, State Line, Indian Town, and Bolan Lake

Today my daughter and I drove to Grants Pass to buy a card table for Aaron's homeschooling. He really likes it and I think he appreciates that his education is important enough to warrant a whole new table this year. I also got more art supplies... but I need more. I want better quality water colors for him and a new set of oil pastels. I love his artwork!

On the way back we stopped to take pictures at the state line but we didn't like the way they turned out... so we will try again some other time. Her idea is to get photos with us standing in both states at the same time. Also on the way back we went to the site of Indian Town. A friend here told me how to find it and I believe from her directions I found the right place this time. There's no signs from the road... just a gravel road going downhill and a flat place at the bottom. There's a sign saying "Day Use Area" which I think means they don't want people spending the night down there. It used to be a town larger than Happy Camp, I've heard, but I don't see how they could fit that many people in the area. They must have spread out quite a bit from the clearing I was in today. Of course absolutely nothing is left of the town - not a trace - but I wonder why it isn't marked as a historical place. In fact, there are no California historical markers around here... and there's so many cool history spots, I don't see why not.

The other day I was telling people at one of our meetings that there's no sign from our direction telling where the road to Bolan Lake is. (That's up there on the road to Oregon too).. and so to find it, people have to pass the road, and then turn around and come back to see the sign that tells there's some lakes down that road. We went there twice last year and there's still no sign from our direction. So Eddie took the information and indicated that he was going to make a request that this be fixed by the forest service... now why didn't I think of that! I will look forward to see what kind of response he gets. If that works, how about a historical marker about the bowling alley that used to be up there in the middle of nowhere next to Bolan Creek... "Bolan" being a mountain-man way of saying "Bowling" I guess.

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Physically Fit? Also: The Children's Fair, Karate Classes,

Good news - yesterday I passed the physical for the ambulance driver's license! I wasn't sure I would because I'm a bit overweight now, age 50.. just had a major operation last year.... but as it turned out I passed. The hardest part was running in place for two minutes. I never jog and running isn't my idea of fun. I like long walks though, and have taken quite a few lately for conditioning. That may have helped, because my pulse rate was just fine (within the limit) after the two minute run. I'll admit my breathing was a little bit labored though.

A few nights ago it was cool enough at sunset to walk, so my son, Aaron, and I walked across town to the post office. There's a big, long hill on the way there... no matter which direction we walk in. We chose the highway... so I was nearly to the top of the hill before I felt like slowing down, but I was starting to ache and breathe heavy and sweat. My son had none of these symptoms. Now, I may be 50 but I honestly believe that if I take the walk every day I'll be doing better in about a month. Keith picked us up at the post office because by the time we got there it was dark.


Today was the annual children's fair sponsored by the Family Resource Center. It started at 10:30 with a karate demonstration from the class this week. The man who ran the class was from Southern California, and it was was co-sponsored by the Family Resource Center and the Karuk Tribe's Education Department. I'm glad they have these opportunities for kids here. Since we're so far off the main roads, it is the only way for kids here to get the classes.

At the children's fair my daughter got to decorate a shirt and a cloth tote bag, make a beaded scarf and bracelet and necklace.. and she got a bunch of goodies. About fifty kids and their parents showed up... so it was a good crowd for such a small town.


A few months ago we bought an old truck for hauling things around town. Now our neighbor is using it for firewood and in exchange does mechanic work for us. Today he tuned it up so I decided to drive it to the children's fair... and... amazing how much smoother it runs after a tune-up! I might even get used to driving it. Its a 1970 Ford... and reminds me of the old 1969 GMC my grandmother gave me years ago... I wish I had kept that one!

Monday, August 12, 2002

Mom Was Here

Today my mom left - I think it was too hot here in the Klamath River Valley ... or maybe there just wasn't enough to do. Too bad she didn't get here a few days earlier when the temperatures were down.

After she left, Keith and I walked from here all the way to the other side of the Elk Creek Bridge and back, for exercise. We both need exercise so much. It used to be that we walked together all the time, when we first moved here... but when I got sick and had to have the hysterectomy last year, we quit and we're both so out of shape now. He needs to walk because of his diabetes and I need to walk because I'm overweight and because of high blood pressure... so hopefully we'll keep walking every morning now... at least, that's the plan.

I also finished chapter three in The Artists Way. This is like the third time I've done chapter three but probably the first time I actually did all the tasks. Instead of trying to keep up with the one-week schedule, I'm just going at my own pace.

Later we went on a tour of a few river access places we've never been to before. One was China Point. It is still a bit smoky here. The smoke is coming from the Florence/Biscuit fires in Oregon.

Going to China Point helped get my mind off the misery I was feeling because of my mom leaving.

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Flash! Mom!

I learned to do flash today! I'm so thrilled! I put it on the Chamber of Commerce website.

My mom is here visiting me from Texas... it is really nice to have her around. She's actually staying in the campground on the other side of the river.