Sunday, July 07, 2002

Wonderful news - I took my first ride-along on the Happy Camp ambulance last night. We took someone to Yreka. This is my training... I've already passed the EMT-B test but still have a lot to learn.

More wonderful news - I finished the initial phase of my writing website - and here it is:

Writing Website

This will be at as soon as I can afford hosting.

Tashina, Tristan, and their mom on the stage in Happy CampToday I was at the River Run where 225 bikers registered over the weekend. This is about 100 more than last year and we expect the event to grow, year by year. It was a lot of fun! I worked at the registration table for four hours.

In the late afternoon Friday and Saturday, some very talented teenagers and their mom entertained the crowd... Tristan, 15, is the youngest-ever Grand National Champion... winner of the 2002 National Old Time Fiddling Contest in Weiser, Idaho. His sister, Tashina, 16, won third place. We thought it was awesome that they wanted to come to Happy Camp to play at the River Run and the bikers loved their music! You can find their two CD's for sale with some free MP3's at their website: Clarridge Fiddlers.

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