Saturday, June 15, 2002

There was a fire near here on Thursday June 13, starting at about five pm. By the time I saw it at six there were two helicopters and an air tanker hitting it pretty heavy and by sunset most of the flames were history. Firefighters were on their way uphill while the person who set the fire was on his way down. Rumor has it that the arsonist confessed.


You can see how close this was to the main street of Happy Camp.
Not a very friendly thing for someone to do.


Too close for comfort!
I was standing right on the other side of the
Klamath River from the hill when I took this picture.

However, I knew our firefighters would put it out quickly - of that I had no doubt. Fortunately the wind wasn't blowing very hard and they had fifty people on the scene to control it right away.

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