Wednesday, January 23, 2002

My Letter to the Editor About CPS

This came as a surprise to me... I wrote a letter to the editor three days ago. It was in response to a letter from a victim of CPS in the Siskiyou Daily News. Right after her letter was printed, the editor printed a long op-ed from a friend of the victim-mother.

I was very moved by these letters, which explained that the girl has completed her entire reunification plan, but was not being given back two of her four children. So I decided to answer, but the muse didn't get here to help me out for a couple of weeks. I finally wrote my piece, which was way too long, and sent it in on Saturday night.

Right after I sent it in, I opened Friday's newspaper and saw that a program manager in the local CPS agency had written an op-ed explaining her side of the controversy. So... I thought it all very interesting... and I didn't expect my piece to be printed for another couple weeks, if at all. Well, here it is in the paper, on Tuesday, just three days after I wrote it! He put my website URL for Fight CPS And Win, and my phone number at the bottom. I've received a few calls...